About Anne

My Journey

Anne BettsFor many years I worked in the National Health Service as a 'Specialist Nurse' and was enabled to utilise complementary therapies within the Service. This proved to be immensely beneficial for the service users, work colleagues and management.

The clients have taught me a great deal over the years and my path has been one of continued development through both the practice and teaching of many forms of Vibrational Healing.

In the quest of my dreams, I traveled to New Zealand undertook the International NLP Trainer Training accreditation, following which, together with June Mitchell then Piece NLP Training and Development was created.

My spiritual journeying has for many years been alongside David Ashworth and consequently I was honoured to become one of the first Practitioners and a Mentor within ‘The Emerald Heart Light’.

As both a teacher and in my private practice I am passionate about helping people to be the very best that they can be. I work from a base of ecology, love and integrity and employ powerful 'self-help' tools to support my clients within their individual experience and continuing journeys.

Clients often find me by personal recommendation, through old clients or other therapists.

I express what I do as ’Guided Vibrational Healing’, An Integration of all the skill and wonderful vibrational tools, the gifts that I have been given on this journey so far.

I increasingly seem to be sent those clients who are ‘seekers’ and I am used much more in a Mentoring role. Sometimes described as a ’therapist’s therapist’ praise indeed!

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