Working with the Emerald Heart Light.

The Emerald HeartPractitioners of the Emerald heart are simply messengers who reveal the Target Issue. The majority of the process involves the direct connection between you and 'Higher Consciousness' or 'The Guides' and is accomplished from wherever you are.

Phase One: involves the identification of the 'Target Issue', the preparation of an individually channelled 'Guided Vibrational Program' and the appropriate 'focus' to work with in order to dissolve the energy pattern of that specific Issue.

The Target Issue is always an energy pattern, that is currently holding you back.

Most people are aware of this pattern, although sometimes it can be below the waking consciousness and embedded in the unconscious.

'The specific vibrational frequencies of the 'focus' are designed to break the hold of the conscious patterning and dissolve the energy within it. This provides a vibrational key to target the issue precisely and raise your vibration, supporting your healing and ongoing evolutionary changes over the coming weeks and months'.

The program is activated when the client requests a Connection to the Emerald Heart Light, firmly signifying their intention and commitment to work directly with the Emerald Heart Light and the Guides.

Connection is usually for a period of 28 days. Throughout that time the Guides are pouring in The Light and working with you for every second of every day.

Phase Two: Follow Up Consultation, to discuss your experience and the changes that have occurred for you, along with any insights as you continue into the next Phase.

Although the connection fee is only paid for 28 days, the Light of the Program continues to operate in the evolutionary cycle for around 4 months in total.


Consultation and preparation time - charged pro rata at Anne's normal hourly rates.
Connection fee: 70 - 85     Essence to use as focus from: 10 - 20

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