The Emerald Heart Light

The Emerald HeartThe Emerald Heart is a Spiritual Light for the Evolution of Human Consciousness

This is a new and amazingly powerful high vibrational channel of light: co-created through David Ashworth, used for healing, guiding and aiding evolution.

In some ways it may be compared to Reiki and yet it is vastly different in its vibrational frequency and application. Unlike Reiki, there is no attunement process nor is it used as a conventional therapeutic healing session.

Illuminating Truth

Working with The Emerald Heart Light and Higher Consciousness enables us to identify, target and loosen deep core issues and patterns that limit and can hold people captive over several lifetimes. The Light also illuminates and allows us to recognise our unique inner strengths and resources.

This process uses advanced spiritual concepts a unique working structure.

If you are truly ready to step onto the path of spiritual evolution, then you will find the answers you are looking for in The Light of the Emerald Heart. Please remember this is an advanced spiritual concept and you will absolutely know if this is the ‘right choice’ for you at this time.

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